Shake the dust off Your Swagger

Confidence Coaching:  Take your Swagger off the hanger and wear it like a Boss!

You have swagger, I promise you do.  It’s in there some where.  Do you pull it out and wear it daily?  You might have forgotten about it in the back of your closet.  Start enjoying the benefits of this great piece of your wardrobe.  Let’s get it out.  Shake off the dust, and get it fitting again.  Fitting like the tailored piece of your Most Authentic Self that it is!

The thing about Swagger.  It only really works on those who “own it”.  You can’t really borrow it from anyone or buy a new one.  The true spirit of this exquisite accessory called Swagger is highly individualized.   No fakes are ever made.  It’s not even possible.  Trust me we both know lots of places where Swagger was faked and it was always so noticeable, right?

Your Swagger can’t be fabricated by anyone other than Your Self.  It’s customized to your specific DNA.  It’s often hard to pin down.  Swagger smells an awful like Confidence.  They often rub up against one another.  It’s hard to wear Swagger with out your Confidence on.

I recommend wearing both as often as possible.  This subtle undertone of your personal and professional characteristics will enhance you from the inside out.

Honest Image

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