What Does Your Confidence Smell Like?


This week in the health food section I actually found a bottle of “Confidence”. Of course, I bought it because I love the idea of rolling something on my pulse points that says the word Confidence (plus I loved the scent). This little potion may only be a combination of three essential oils, but every time I put it on it’s a reminder of my own confidence.

Aromatherapy is simply pairing a scent with an intention.  Every time I smell the perfume I wore at my wedding it takes me right back to the beach and those wonderful memories in Hawaii with my family and friends.  This scent floods me with joy and gratitude, giving me the little boost that makes me smile.

Pair a scent of your choice with a statement of confidence. This will be a sweet reminder that you ARE confident, worthy, and valued.  30 days creates a change.  It takes only a moment to stop and “smell the confidence.”  This is a little reminder you can always have with you.

Find a scent that suits you and let it be a daily reminder that you do have confidence.  Share what your confidence smells like!

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